CineBlock® is next-gen fintech software for investable entertainment media, spotlighting the world’s most progressive and innovative filmmakers, producers, and content creators.

The CineBlock® app suite directly connects filmmakers, game developers, producers, investors, and fans to financial opportunities and products in the entertainment media industry.

A SEC/FinRA compliant equity token crowdfunding marketplace that allows anyone, anywhere to directly fundraise, market, invest, or receive residuals, dividends, and royalties from entertainment media productions.

An nft (non-fungible token) marketplace app that allows users to buy, sell, and mint digital and phygital (hybrid) film collectibles, props, mementos, and assets.

A tokenization application for digitizing, fractionalizing, and securitizing premium entertainment media assets.

Our generative and conversational AI is designed to function as added support for our content creators and our sprouting entertainment media investors.

Our goal is to build the best products imaginable while providing the proper tools to maximize the experience to help you succeed.

After uploading your script, pitch deck, and presentation or sharing your trailer, budget, and summary, our AI tool will provide structured feedback on the viability of your project. Our Script Doc AI will compare and contrast your film project against the historical data of similar projects in the same genre.

  • theatrical and performance projections
  • comps
  • story and character development feedback
  • budget suggestions
  • project analysis

Our AI marketing tool assists filmmakers and producers with creating marketing strategies for investor recruitment, SEO, and ad campaigns for their project. This feature offers meaningful recommendations, research, and content to maximize outreach to potential investors, consumers, and distributors.

  • marketing suggestions
  • target market recommendations
  • distribution options
  • SEO blogs
  • ad campaign suggestions

Whether you’re a first time film investor, seasoned venture capitalist, or budding filmmaker, you will be able to make use of our AI co-pilot to answer questions about launching a campaign or research historical and analytical data about entertainment media and the film industry.  

  • onboarding
  • campaign publishing
  • general info, analysis, and statistics about film investing and the entertainment media industry

Are you looking for, or do you have an idea for a software solution for your entertainment media business? We can help you build it! Our seasoned team of developers, designers, and legal advisors can get you from zero to launch in no time. Schedule a consultation today! 

Are you looking for an innovative, creative, progressive team capable of developing transformative ideas to help reshape your company’s enterprise software journey?

Our team is cutting-edge and forward-thinking in our approach, application, and implementation of new technology in software development.

We focus on creating open spaces for the expansion of new business lines, new client bases, and increased operational efficiency within the entertainment media industry.



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